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Thabi Leoka

Dr Thabi Leoka

CEO of Naha Investment Holdings

Speciality Area: Economic Advisory

Dr Thabi Leoka has worked as an economist in various financial sector firms in London and South Africa. Started her career at Investec Asset Management where she was the economist for the First Africa Fund. She has a passion for emerging markets and African economies. Dr Leoka joined the Investec AM’s Emerging Markets team in the UK and later joined Barclays Capital – joining the Emerging Markets team. Being appointed on the board of SA Express when it was grounded has taught Dr Leoka how to turnaround a dysfunctional organization and the importance of corporate governance. Her role on the VAT panel was critical in helping the poor and vulnerable in SA, after VAT was increased.  Dr Leoka is vocal on social media and her newspaper columns on matters related to the economy and was the of Winner of the Economist of the Year 2017 awarded by Absip.

Qualifications: PhD Economics, University of London