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Judy Weber Kern

Judy Weber Kern

Winning Business Systems (Director)

Judy Weber Kern is the Founder and Director of Winning Business Systems (WBS) training and consulting firm. She has more than 20 years’ experience in desigining enterprise development and basic business skills training programmes. During the past eight years she has focussed on evaluating projects and project management. She advises a wide range of multinational companies, organisations including national and international NGOs, and government agencies. She advocates social entrepreneurships, self-empowerment and poverty eradication. For this reason, she has designed and implemented the Rural Wealth Creation Project (RWCP). A training and capacity building programme that was successfully implemented in Kwazulu Natal with more than 4000 women participating over the past three years.

Judy is a collaborative and customer focussed individual, who is committed to proving high levels of service to a diverse range of stakeholders. She has designed and implemented many successful development projects such as a recycling gift packaging enterprise development project. The knowledge gained throughout her years at the coalface enables her to recognise potential projects challenges and helps her to direct organisations to spend their energy and resources on the “right” projects.

Judy’s long involvement in the development field has confirmed to her the value of enterprise development. She strives to create markets and opportunities for women to enable them to become financially independent. She has learnt from her students that only when women ascertain their sense of self, their talent for becoming self-sufficient can be unleashed and their dignity thereby restored.

Awards and Recognition

  • Gold Award in the National Productivity Institute competition in 1999, she was honoured as the ”most productive women in assisting other women to become more productive”.
  • Woman of the Year at The Mercedes-Benz/Business Partners ”Women in Business Award” was bestowed upon her in the same year
  • In the Shoprite/Checkers SABC 3 Woman of the Year Competition, she was awarded Business Woman Regional Award Winner in 2000

Directorships (Current)

  • Trustee to the Community Trust: Anglo American Inyosi Coal
  • Director on Board of Anglo Inyosi Coal
  • Director on Board UJU Management Company
  • Director on Board UJU ESS
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