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Iris Dempsey

Iris Dempsey

FNB Wealth (CEO)

Iris Dempsey is Chief Executive Officer of First National Bank (FNB)’s Wealth division.

FNB Wealth mobilises and preserves the wealth of high net worth individuals who earn an income of at least R1.1 million per annum or have investable assets in excess of R3 million, through its offering of specialist private banking and wealth management solutions.

Positioned as a leading regional private bank with global capabilities, Iris and her team manage over 40 000 individual clients with an additional 15 000 clients locally and internationally in the form of trusts and/or companies (typically investment vehicles for individuals). Through the portfolio of brands housed within FNB Wealth (namely FNB Private Clients, RMB Private Bank, FNB IslamicFinance, Ashburton and BJM), the total Assets under Management (AUM) has grown on average 20% over the past three years.

Throughout her career in financial services, Iris has gleaned in-depth knowledge and expertise in strategic business re-engineering and accelerated growth strategies. 

Her membership in the Global Banking Alliance, VIP Forum, International Women’s Forum of South Africa, Endeavour South Africa, FNB International Wealth Management and the Vumela Development Fund offers Iris the opportunity to openly discuss, debate and understand the challenges faced by the private banking financial services sector in South Africa and globally.

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