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Nardos Bekele-Thomas

Nardos Bekele-Thomas

United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator | Head of the UN System in South Africa at United Nations

United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator:  Head of the UN System in South Africa at United Nations.

Ms Nardos Bekele-Thomas joined the office of the UN as a Resident Coordinator and Head of the UN System in South Africa in 2018 and has vast experience providing advisory services and performing advocacy roles in several African countries.  Over the last 40 years, Ms Bekele-Thomas has played a leading role in the growth and development of the African continent, holding prominent positions with numerous governments and in the United Nations (UN). Ms Bekele-Thomas is recognized regionally as a thought leader who has effectively influenced polices through inclusive, constructive and participatory dialogue at the highest level of national governance, through effective strategic public-private sector consultations, and through community and civil society engagement for a pro-poor policy and programme development and implementation.

Speciality Area: Economist by profession. 


Master’s Degree and a Ph. D. Candidate Certificate in Economic Development, Monetary Economics and Econometrics from New York University.Bachelor of Arts: Economic Development and International Development, University of Addis Ababa.