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Narissa Ramdhani

Narissa Ramdhani (Dr.)

Ifa Lethu Foundation (CEO)

Narissa Ramdhani is Chief Executive Officer of the Ifa Lethu Foundation, a non-profit foundation devoted to the development and economic growth of the creative sectors in South Africa.

During her tenure at South African and USA institutions, Narissa has held various fellowships and executive and non-executive memberships of national and international boards, and she has chaired many national programmes and international partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Narissa has made a meaningful contribution to translating industry growth needs in South Africa to meaningful capacity. Her passionate involvement in economic empowerment of rural women and youth through her implementation of entrepreneurship programmes has met with great success. Through her work in the creation of enabling environments for creative practitioners, she has catapulted South African artists, crafters and fashion designers onto the international stage and has assisted in turning their skills into commercially viable entities.

Narissa’s recent involvement with the South African/United Kingdom Investment Initiative has seen her play a meaningful role in facilitating investment between both countries as a means of creating more employment in South Africa, especially for youth.

She holds a PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and an honorary doctorate from the University of Connecticut (USA). Her previous positions have included directorships of research centres at the former Universities of Durban-Westville and Natal, former President Nelson Mandela’s special projects and the ANC. These have resulted in her providing her expertise to bodies such as the United Nations and countries such as Poland, Spain, Chile, the USA, Germany and India.