Nomination criteria and process

Criteria for IWFSA nomination:

We welcome prospective members of diverse backgrounds, achievement, recognition and leadership who are committed to the community and advancing other women.


  • Preeminent woman in her field, profession or corporation
  • Holding a position of significant professional accomplishment
  • Highest professional abilities
  • Influential in her company, field or industry
  • Longevity, adaptability, or on-going relevance reflecting a depth of excellence in her area
  • Successful entrepreneur as evidenced by size, scope, clientele, duration, impact in the field or external recognition
  • Of the highest integrity
  • Significant position of leadership in her organisation, industry, or community
  • Influential in her company, field or industry
  • Making an impact beyond her organisational role.
  • Directly responsible for high-impact decision-making
  • In a position to command resources


  • Internally and externally recognised as preeminent in her field
  • Significant influence and prestige outside her specific professional community
  • Bringing about positive change through public speaking, writing, or other actions
  • Building a sustainable legacy

Commitment to Community and Advancing Other Women:

  • Track record of taking action for women
  • Serving in leadership roles in the community—locally, nationally or globally
  • Willing to share her own capabilities with other Forum members
  • Willing to be actively involved in the Forum’s programs, activities and/or committees
  • Demonstrated commitment to International engagement


  • Diversity is an important and valued attribute of IWF. Our goal is to include women of all ages, professions, areas of interest, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.


  • Prospects who have previously met the above membership criteria and are now transitioning to roles as active entrepreneurs, corporate or non-profit board directors, authors, public speakers or spokesperson on issues of public concern may be considered for membership. Candidates who are fully retired will not be eligible for membership, except in extraordinary situations.
  • Alumnae of the IWF Leadership Foundation Fellows program who meet the criteria will be considered for membership the year after the completion of their Fellows program (2 years from the start of the Fellows Program).
  • Members from other IWF affiliate Forums relocating will be admitted to membership in the new Forum with a letter from her prior Forum President stating that she is a member in good standing of that Forum.


  • Subscribe to ethical leadership
  • Have a strong network and expertise that can be leveraged to advance the IWFSA team
  • Have a desire to be a catalyst for the charge
  • Be an active contributor to the voice of women
  • Have an aspiration to grow beyond own capabilities
  • Have a strong desire to develop the next generation of women leaders

IWFSA membership nomination form

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