IFWLP Alumni Network

A Network of Empowered Women Leaders

Welcome to the IFWLP Alumni Network a distinguished network of empowered women leaders who have successfully completed the IWFSA FASSET Women’s Leadership Programme (IFWLP).

Committed to Ethical Leadership

At IFWLP Alumni Network, we firmly believe that ethical leadership is the cornerstone of harnessing positive and sustainable change as we progress. We recognise that ethical behaviour, integrity, accountability, and responsibility are vital attributes for leaders who seek to make a meaningful impact in their organisations and communities.

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Benefits of being an IFWLP Alumni Network

  1. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded women leaders across various industries and sectors, fostering meaningful relationships that span continents. Leverage the power of this global network to exchange ideas, opportunities, and insights.
  2. Continued Learning: The journey to leadership excellence is continuous. As part of the IFWLP Alumni Network, you will have access to exclusive events, webinars, and workshops led by experts and influential speakers. Stay at the forefront of leadership trends and emerging issues.
  3. Mentorship and Mentor Opportunities: Pay it forward by becoming a mentor or being mentored by experienced women leaders within the alumni community. Mentorship is a cornerstone of the IFWLP Alumni Network, fostering growth and development for all members.
  4. Advocacy and Impact: Collaborate on initiatives that promote gender equality, diversity, and inclusion. Take an active role in advocating for positive change in leadership, both within South Africa and on the African Continent.
  5. Recognition and Awards: Celebrate your achievements and contributions to the advancement of women’s leadership. The IFWLP Alumni Network recognizes outstanding members who have made significant impacts in their fields.

How to Become an IFWLP Alumni Network Member

  1. Complete the IFWLP: The first step to becoming an IFWLP Alumni Network member is to successfully complete the IWFSA FASSET Women’s Leadership Programme. This transformative experience will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in leadership roles.
  2. Stay Connected: Maintain your connections with fellow participants, mentors, and faculty from the IFWLP. Networking is an essential part of the alumni experience, and staying connected will keep you informed about upcoming opportunities and events.
  3. Participate in the IFWLP Mentorship Pre-programme: All alumni members are required to make their mark by contributing to the growth and impact of the IFWLP participants.