IWFSA Members code of conduct

The IWFSA’s Code provides a proactive approach to promoting sound governance and responsible conduct by Members of the IWFSA who, through their membership of the IWFSA, undertake, as members of the IWFSA to perform their various roles and execute their responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner, as provided for in this Code.

Membership of the IWFSA is based on the member meeting key qualities and attributes. These can be summarised as follows (ALRCDQ):

  • Achievement – she must be a pre-eminent woman in her field and must hold a position of
    significant professional accomplishment;
  • Leadership – she must hold or have held a position of significant leadership in her
    organisation, and/or field and/or industry;
  • Recognition – she must be recognised both internally and externally as pre-eminent in her
  • Commitment to Community and Advancing Other Women – she must have a track record of
    taking action to promote and advance other women;
  • Diversity – she must have a track record of promoting and valuing diversity, across the many
    areas of diversity, i.e. race, gender, age, professional, cultural;
  • Qualities – she must be known as a leader that promotes ethical leadership and business
    within the context of good corporate governance.