Shattering barriers and redefining success for women

Women of Bryanston celebrate Women’s Month with conversations that ignite change in their lives and share insights on the impact of AI in South Africa.

Global leaders came together to make a difference in honour of Women’s Month in Bryanston on August 15.

The highly impactful conference was driven by visionary individuals and dedicated changemakers driving gender equity and positive change.

The co-hosts from the IWFSA Board based in Bryanston, Charmaine Houvet and Basetsana Kumalo, ignited powerful and intentional conversations with the opening address, When Women Rise, We All Rise.

Influential CEOs who provided insightful knowledge on how to take action and enhance results for women in the workplace and communities led the event.

Sindi Mabaso-Koyana, chairperson at AWCA Investment Holdings, facilitated the panel of CEOs in conversation about how important it is to have a solid support structure to serve your purpose, so you don’t cave under pressure.

The partnership between the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA), the Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority (FASSET), and Duke University’s Duke Corporate Education (DukeCE) is the driving force behind the IWFSA FASSET Women’s Legacy Programme.

According to IWFSA Alumni co-chair Thando Lamula, this programme seeks to empower executive and middle management women in the finance sector in leadership areas and will provide vital mentoring experience by accomplished women leaders to the participants.

“We are deliberate, we are hungry, and we are taking over. We believe in lifting as we rise.”

In a conversation, the president of IWFSA, Irene Charnley, said, “Ignite a transformative movement where women’s empowerment transcends boundaries, surpassing the 50% mark.”

She highlighted that women in South Africa will no longer be content to sit back and dwell in the shadows.

“Each one must stand up and make our voices heard. Each one of us must rise and thrive to claim our rightful share of the economy and political leadership of this country. Let us not just reach for the stars; let us become the stars.”

First published in the Sandton Chronicle – August 30, 2023