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Nomonde Mabuya

Dr Nomonde Mabuya

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Dr. Nomonde Mabuya is a versatile leader with a distinguished career spanning 28 years, showcasing an extraordinary history of optimizing patient services, expanding market share, and leading healthcare organizations to exceed initial growth predictions. With an exceptional track record in capitalizing on opportunities that drive operational efficiency, financial performance, and brand prestige, Dr. Mabuya is a true force in the healthcare industry.

Throughout her career, Dr. Mabuya has demonstrated an innate ability to turn around institutional performance through infallible business models and transformative innovation. Her expertise lies in revitalizing flagging operations, fostering growth, designing business visions, and inspiring leadership.

As a C-level professional and turnaround champion, Dr. Mabuya has continuously advanced the strategic direction of businesses through innovation and transformative leadership, ensuring scalability and growth in an ever-evolving global market.

Among her career highlights, Dr. Mabuya successfully scaled the growth of Administrator services from one medical insurance company to three since 2020, serving as CEO of 3 Sixty Health Solutions Pty Ltd. Additionally, she held the role of Lecturer at the University of Pretoria for 15 years at the School of Public Health, with a focus on disability programs in the workplace.

Dr. Mabuya’s contributions to the industry extend beyond her roles in healthcare and academia. Her work in setting, implementing, and complying with minimum standards for fitness to work in mines has been instrumental, with the guidelines used by the Department of Mineral Resources in South Africa since 2014. Her dedication and achievements have been recognized, as evidenced by being accredited with the Black Business Council Award for Emerging Women-Owned Entrepreneurs in 2018.

Dr. Nomonde Mabuya’s rich expertise, strategic vision, and transformative leadership have made a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape, setting her apart as a true industry trailblazer.