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Dr Roze Phillips

Roze Phillips (Dr)

Non executive director at GIBS Business

Dr Roze Phillips is adjunct faculty, associate of the Centre for Business Ethics and non executive director at GIBS Business School. Roze serves as non executive director for Netcare Limited and trustee for Accenture Education Trust in South Africa. Roze is also a judge for the CHRO Awards held by CHRO South Africa, honouring the top CHROs in the country. Roze has worked as a medical doctor as well as Public Health scientist at the SA Medical Research Council and most recently as the Group Executive of People and Culture and executive attendee of the Board Social and Ethics committee for The Absa Group. Over 18 years of Roze’s professional career was spent at Accenture Africa where she held various leadership positions from Consumer Industry lead, Management (including Human Capital) Consulting lead, Innovation lead and Board member. Roze is a passionate African Futurist and in addition to her work at GIBS, she practices as an African Futurist and Advisor on the Future of Work through her company Abundance at Work (Pty) Ltd. Working at the intersection of business, technology and innovation, Roze works with leaders to unleash the business and societal value that can be unlocked when human ingenuity combine with intelligent machines to create abundance at work. Roze is a frequent public speaker, expert panel member, guest lecturer and writer on the topics of Leadership for the Future, The Future of Work, The Workforce of the Future, Human Capital Management Trends and New Skills Now. Recently, Roze joined other South African business leaders to publish a book about lessons in Leadership titled ‘The Book Every Leader Needs to Read’